Ashwell's 1100 Birthday 

We've been waiting 11 centuries to celebrate it.. be a part of the fun!

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The following ideas were generated at the 11th Centenary planning meeting
  • Hilary M: a trail might lead people through the tableaux on At Home day, perhaps featuring doors or places not normally open and perhaps starting at the Springs.
  • Chris and Trevor J , Sarah T : we might contact West Stow Anglo-Saxon village to see whether they would be prepared to build a Saxon house here. Experimental archaeologists do this kind of thing.
  • Maria L : we might involve the children of the village in any pageant.  They would love dressing up.
  • Tracy Y : Ashwell School is keen to become involved; the history of Ashwell is one of the learning themes for this school year, particularly during the current term.  Unfortunately Ashwell at Home will coincide with the Year 6 exams week but that may not be an insuperable problem.
  • Ken C : The Ashwell Mummers might become involved.
  • Barbara L : told of another village where an anniversary had included a photo from the church tower of the whole village assembled below.
  • Sarah T: use this opportunity for another series of archaeological test pits in the village.  Nothing from this era (917) has yet been found.
  • Tracy Y : Perhaps all events during the year might include a reference to the centenary in some way, e.g. old traditional race(s) revived at Village Sports, historical element in the Village Quiz, Hortics Show, Ashwell Show, etc.
  • Maria L : perhaps the BBC or other television company might be interested in making a programme about the village.
  • Jill P /Lucy T  a village fete to be held in or around the church including stalls from local organisations.
  • Judy B : lighting beacons around parish boundaries.
  • Melanie D : repeat the Beating of the Parish Bounds, last done in 2000.  Making this centenary a feature of the Music Festival, particularly perhaps the Festival Evensong.  Music throughout the ages might be featured.
  • Barbara L / Mike T : planting 1000 trees or plants during the year. A Millennium Wood had been planted between the Mordens.  Perhaps some land might be found to do something similar.
  • Gianna D : perhaps native bulbs, e.g. bluebells, perhaps at the Springs, ideally involving the children.
  • Fergus M : perhaps it would be best to create something of permanent value to the village, rather than just an event.  Perhaps Carter’s Pond might be reinstated.
  • Peter C   the idea of a whole-village street party, perhaps in the High Street, might be considered.  This idea was very popular.
  • Trevor & Chris J : a maypole might be set up on the Rec.  David Short mentioned the Merchant Taylors’ celebrations in 1976 and 1981, the latter including a maypole, and a son et lumière in the pouring rain!
  • Melanie D : a quilting festival is planned.  Perhaps we might ask if it could include this centenary.
  • Ken C  and others: perhaps an Ashwell Tapestry, on the lines of Bayeux.
  • Gianna D : this centenary may be the subject for the 2017 well dressing.
  • Jill P l: we need to decide whether the celebration is to continue all through the year or just concentrate on At Home day.
  • David S : maybe we should not limit ourselves to events from Ashwell’s history but include important national events: e.g. someone sitting as King Canute in the Springs trying to halt the flow?!
  • Sarah T (since the meeting): encourage everyone to pick up 1,100 pieces of litter during the year and send an update to the website from time to time to record how far they’ve got.

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