Ashwell's 1100 Birthday 

We've been waiting 11 centuries to celebrate it.. be a part of the fun!

Ashwell through the ages

What's on?

Ashwell is a friendly  and picturesque village in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Founded around 917,  it lies 45 miles north of London.
The Ashwell Springs feed into the River Cam and provided fresh water to residents since the Iron Ages. 
Today almost 2000 people call Ashwell home. 
  Ashwell has planned a year-long series of events to celebrate our history. 
Several have already taken place: the planting of a Commemorative Mulberry Tree in the grounds of Ashwell Surgery during February; a Festival of Quilting held in the Church during March; a Centenary Walk in April; Ashwell at Home Day and the Ashwell and Friends music festival concert in May; the Lindy Hop Dance and the Wolverley House Vintage Tea Party in June.

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